Tou Tou Little Kitchen

Tou Tou Little Kitchen

Those who have been to Bandar Baru Sri Petaling (also known as Sri Petaling), will definitely find as much as joy as I in terms of food. Each and every corner of this town is constantly mushrooming with food and beverage joints that never fail to satisfy this hungry stomach of mine.

Hubby and I have been frequenting this particular restaurant, which is run by a lovely couple, who genuinely smiles at all their customers. Besides, even their employees are so nice and friendly.  Located right next to Secret Recipe, this shop is well known for its handmade Hakka noodle and meatballs.

Tou Tou



The menu is very simple for customers to understand and to place their own orders. Customers are pampered with a wide variety of noodles, meatballs and soup broth.


Each time when we come here, without fail, hubby will order his favourite “xi dao” fishball slippery soup noodle. Hubby loves the slightly starchy soup that goes well with his favourite ‘lou shi fun’. I would say that this soup texture is perfect in standard, as I have come across soups elsewhere where the chefs add too much starch just to thicken the soup or gravy to the extent that the starchy taste lingers in your mouth hours after your meal.

image6Price: RM7.50, Taste: 9/10, Service: 9/10

I, on the other hand, am more adventurous than hubby as far as food is concerned. I have tried different types of soup before and still haven’t come to a conclusion as to which is the best soup. Honestly, all their soups are worth trying. Yes, all of them (no kidding). For those who craved for clear and soupy noodle, you can either choose clear broth noodle or seaweed soup noodle. Both of which are soups that I would strongly recommend as they are rich in a variety of ingredients. These will be my choice of soup base especially during the rainy days. But as for today, I opted for the seaweed soup that was rich in sweetness from the slices of corn.

image7Price: RM9.50, Taste: 9/10, Service: 9/10

Not forgetting the tender and juicy meatballs, each servings comes with 4 huge meatballs (depending on your selection) that both hubby and I love eating. Our favourite meatballs are none other than the pork balls and sometimes we will go for the “xi dao” fish balls.

image9                                                    Close-up view of the juicy “xi dao” fish balls.

image8                                                     Close-up view of the tender pork balls.

And the best thing about dining here is the reasonable prices that come with a 10% discount for students. This will offset the 6% GST and still gives a net 4% discount off the prices.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.06.18 PM

Honestly, I haven’t tried the other types of meatballs before, but I wouldn’t say you will go wrong selecting them since both the fish and pork balls tasted superbly yummy. Perhaps, I’ll blog about them when I do try them in the future.


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