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  • Mr Poker Coffee

    If you happen to be in Sri Petaling and looking for a nice café to immerse yourself in a cup of coffee, you’ll surely be spoilt for choice. Every few shophouses is a café, most of them have chic decor and a very cozy ambience. That being said, we decided to check out Mr Poker Coffee on one weekend. The most striking feature that […]

  • Daph's Food Hunt
  • Royale Vietnam @ Starhill Gallery

    Royale Vietnam

    Recently, I brought hubby for a simple birthday celebration at Royale Vietnam, Starhill Gallery. Famous for its authentic Vietnamese cuisine, this restaurant is ideal for those who prefer a quiet place to enjoy traditional Vietnamese food. As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted with a beautiful interior design and friendly waiters as well as waitresses. Since it was a weekday, […]

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  • Paris Restaurant (Yin Yau Kui) – Hakka Mee

    Hakka mee

    Honestly, I’d never loved eating Hakka mee; a popular hawker noodle topped with minced meat, despite being a Hakka (a Chinese dialect group) myself. One reason why I disliked it was because I’d never encountered a decent Hakka mee that was to my liking. However, my perception changed soon after hubby introduced me to this famous and authentic Hakka mee at Paris Restaurant. This restaurant occupies […]