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  • Royale Vietnam @ Starhill Gallery

    Royale Vietnam

    Recently, I brought hubby for a simple birthday celebration at Royale Vietnam, Starhill Gallery. Famous for its authentic Vietnamese cuisine, this restaurant is ideal for those who prefer a quiet place to enjoy traditional Vietnamese food. As we entered the restaurant, we were greeted with a beautiful interior design and friendly waiters as well as waitresses. Since it was a weekday, […]

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  • Paris Restaurant (Yin Yau Kui) – Hakka Mee

    Hakka mee

    Honestly, I’d never loved eating Hakka mee; a popular hawker noodle topped with minced meat, despite being a Hakka (a Chinese dialect group) myself. One reason why I disliked it was because I’d never encountered a decent Hakka mee that was to my liking. However, my perception changed soon after hubby introduced me to this famous and authentic Hakka mee at Paris Restaurant. This restaurant occupies […]

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  • Restoran Wong Kee – Hai Lam Roast Pork & Chicken Rice

    Wong Mee Kee

      Ask anyone in Kuala Lumpur which restaurant serves the best roast pork (siew yoke) and Restoran Wong Kee aka Wong Mee Kee (王美记) will definitely be named. Located in an old-style corner coffeeshop along Jalan Nyonya in Pudu, Wong Mee Kee is owned by Robert Wong, who is also conferred with Datukship (Malaysian honorific). Due to its reputable roast […]