HealthLand Wellness Centre

HealthLand Wellness Centre

Pampering yourself with massage or spa shouldn’t be considered a luxury, but more of a necessity these days. The stress at work, be it physical or mental, can really take a toll on your health if no measures are taken to manage it. Hubby and I reckoned that a full body massage done periodically would suffice for our sanity.

Recently, we discovered a new centre in Sri Petaling which offers not only great discounts, but also great service – HealthLand Wellness Centre. Noticeably, this centre doesn’t even call itself a massage centre. Perhaps, calling itself a wellness centre somehow gives its potential customers the sense of being in a less dodgy, possibly even a posh place. At least, that was what we felt when we stepped into this centre.

We were particularly attracted to its Happier Hour Promotion which comprises a 2-hour Thai traditional or Thainess oil treatment. This promotion is priced at RM78 (additional RM10 on weekends and public holidays) inclusive of tax. However, this great offer is only valid from 11am till 3pm. This timing makes it almost impossible for people who work within the office hours. Fortunate for us, we managed to unofficially leave our workplace around 10am on one Friday, during one of the recent festive weeks.

HealthLand promotion

The ambience of the centre was very soothing and cosy. That itself relieved a little bit of our stress, even before we started treatment. We were greeted with a smile by the receptionist, who was extremely polite and informative with regards to the treatment it had to offer. Needless to say, we took the 2-hour Thai traditional treatment. While waiting, we were served a glass of water each. Two masseuses who were assigned to us then led us into an adjacent room and started washing our feet gently.

HealthLand feet wash

HealthLand washing feet

After that, we were led upstairs to our specific rooms. My goodness, the way upstairs was heavenly, with its path lit up by dim yellow lights. The first floor was furnished with many rooms, prepared with elegant massage tables, blankets and attires. On top of that, it has piped-in music and full air-conditioning, which add to its comfort.


After changing into the attires provided, the masseuses started the massage and that went on for the next 2 hours. We were put in the same room but separated by a curtain. It was so relaxing that both of us dozed off for awhile. I must say that these masseuses were very professional in that, their techniques were excellent and they spoke very politely as well (certain centres have masseuses who speak very loudly among themselves). 

Before us realising, 2 hours were already up and we wished it could go on for longer. We were then escorted downstairs to settle the payment. Meanwhile, a glass of ginger tea was prepared for each of us at the end of the session. The masseuses even waited at the door to bid us goodbye on our way out with the typical Thai etiquette.

In truth, the Happier Hour Promotion did make us happier when we left the centre. I won’t have any qualms going back again and you shouldn’t either.

HealthLand ginger tea

HealthLand exit

If you’re interested, HealthLand Wellness Centre has many outlets throughout the Klang Valley. You can call them up to set an appointment or simply walk in.

HealthLand branches



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