Isetan Ramen Galore – Ends 24 April 2016

ramen galore

Last weekend, we decided to check out Mitsui Outlet Park in Sepang (very near KLIA) as hubby wanted to purchase a new pair of shoes. What caught us by surprise was Isetan was also having a Japan Fair on the ground floor, near the entrance. From afar, I could see the ramen-filled racks and hubby’s eyes were already focused on them. Of course, we headed there first and hubby mentioned these were exactly the packages of ramen (in boxes) he once bought from Tokyo. Apparently, this is how the Japanese people dabao or take away ramen from the restaurant.







Then came the salesgirl who impressed us further with a 50% discount on all items (until 24 April 2016 only). What was interesting was that this outlet had ramen from various well-known restaurants in Japan. So, after going through all the different styles of ramen that were available, we grabbed 3 boxes (Tokushima, Kumamoto and Hakata). Besides, we also took a bottle of ramen chilli paste, a packet of bamboo shoots and a box of miso. According to the salesgirl, who was pretty well-versed with Japanese cuisine, the value/price of miso will increase further if kept for many years and the darker it turns.

The only downside was that the ramen could only last 3 months from the date of packaging, but I guess that wasn’t really a problem for hubby. All in all, we spent RM95.45 for our purchases, which could have costed twice that price. I would say that this was a value-for-money purchase, especially for Japanese food lovers. But hurry, before the fair ends on 24 April 2016!


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