Mr Poker Coffee

If you happen to be in Sri Petaling and looking for a nice café to immerse yourself in a cup of coffee, you’ll surely be spoilt for choice. Every few shophouses is a café, most of them have chic decor and a very cozy ambience. That being said, we decided to check out Mr Poker Coffee on one weekend.

The most striking feature that you’ll notice before you even step into this café is the continuous playing of classic oldies, as if on a jukebox. Its walls are embellished with decks of poker cards in huge photo frames, hence its name – Mr Poker Coffee. Besides, there are also plenty of other antique paraphernalia being displayed, namely televisions, radios, clocks, fans, etc. If not for the food menu, you’d probably have thought that this is a museum.

Mr Poker

Mr Poker

Mr Poker

What about its coffee? Of course, the coffee was fragrant and rich in taste. I thought the barista’s skill was actually quite good too. Coupled with a basket of fries, our teatime was nothing but awesome.

Mr Poker




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  1. Looks like a pretty good find. The decor looks pretty fun. Do you think they do any poker tournaments to go along with it?

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