Poppo Kanteen

Poppo Kanteen

Poppo Kanteen is definitely the place to be for those who love local delicacies of Asian fusion cuisine. Poppo Kanteen started off as a canteen operator in one of the secondary schools in Batu Pahat, Johor, where its purpose was to provide the school with a brand new set of food choices. Because of that, the design of its restaurant is influenced with ‘school-vibe’ and its dishes are served using traditional metal plates and jugs. Recently, it opened a branch in Sri Petaling.


Poppo Kanteen is constantly packed with customers but thankfully, both hubby and I were able to find ourselves a seat for lunch recently. We were greeted with a dim, cosy ambience and slightly crowded seating arrangement. Customers are provided with pictorial menus and order chits the moment they are seated. Despite its slightly high-end décor, both of us were quite surprised that most of its dishes cost less than RM10, which explains its hype.




We were totally spoilt with choices as there were over 200 items on the menu. But Poppo Kanteen’s signature dishes are none other than Nasi Lemak and Rendang, where they can be served with chicken, mutton, beef, fish or oxtail.




As both of us were still quite full from our heavy breakfast, we opted for the à la carte Rendang special instead. It did not take long for our orders to arrive despite how busy they were. Hubby had his Kopi ‘O’ Butter, which was really nothing to shout about. To me, it was just an ordinary coffee and instead of adding evaporated milk, they substituted it with a cube of butter. A layer of oil could be seen floating once the butter melted, which totally turned me off.

Kopi ‘O’ Butter: RM4.20; Taste: 6/10; Presentation: 7/10

Lucky me, I had the most refreshing and nutritious drink ever. To withstand this scorching weather, I had the Ribena Lemon. Its sweetness was just perfect, flavoured with a tinge of sourness.

Ribena Lemon: RM5.90; Taste: 8.5/10; Presentation: 7.5/10

The portions of the dishes were smaller than illustrated in the menu, but they were already sufficient for our consumption. The beef rendang was awesome, where one could taste the rich and tender coconut beef, stewed to perfection. It was a very satisfying dish, even if it were to be eaten with just its gravy on white rice.

Beef Rendang: RM6.90; Taste: 8.5/10; Presentation: 7/10

The chicken curry, on the other hand, was a total letdown. It was served with a huge chunk of meat and its curry tasted more to sweetness, rather than hot and spicy. The chicken was overcooked, resulting in its hard and rough texture. Thankfully, it came with lots of gravy, which made the chicken slightly palatable. However, for those who prefer sweet curry with mild level of spiciness, this may just be the right dish for you.

Chicken Curry: RM5.90; Taste: 6.5/10; Presentation: 7/10

The other downside of dining here is that, parking may be a problem and you should be prepared to have some inconsiderate customers double-park you. Occasionally, it may be too noisy as it’s often crowded with people. Hence, I’d not recommend this place for those who wish to have some quiet time with their loved ones.

My verdict? Whenever we crave for some local delicacies, we’d surely be back here again rather than the other Asian fusion franchise restaurants, which is more expensive but not as tasty as Poppo Kanteen. Lastly, there are no service charge and 6% GST as well.

Address: No. 65, Jalan Radin Anum 1, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Contact Number: +603 9054 8923

Operating Hours: Sunday-Thursday from 8AM-12AM; Friday, Saturday & Public Holidays from 8AM-1AM


Address: No. 26, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Bukit Segar, 56100 Cheras

Contact Number: +603 9134 6923

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday from 8AM-12AM




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