Chuan Lee Restaurant

Chuan Lee Restaurant

Back in those days when I was still living in Petaling Jaya, there were times that I dreaded driving out to scout for food and all I ever wished for was for someone kind enough to buy me food. Well, I didn’t have that privilege all the time as hubby was on-call on certain days. Therefore, the only place I had access to good food without driving out was at Chuan Lee Restaurant, which was just opposite our apartment at Ehsan Ria. Now that we’ve shifted to Bukit Jalil, we still occasionally go back to this restaurant whenever we’re near the vicinity. If you were to drive there, you may encounter some difficulties in parking as the allotted parking lots are limited. Alternatively, you may park near the residential area up the slope, just adjacent to the restaurant (rest assured, no car has ever been towed away).

There are two stalls in this restaurant that I often go for, so much so that one of the stall’s waitress recognises me and knows how long I’ve not been back there. The owner previously owns only a stall, but his business has thrived till he’s expanded to two stalls. One stall sells pork noodle and different kinds of porridges while the other sells curry noodle and fish head rice vermicelli. Trust me, his specialty curry noodle and pork noodle are so mouthwatering and sellable that you may even run the risk of not being able to enjoy them if you arrive after 2pm. If you were to come at peak hours, you may have to wait up to 20-30 minutes for your food. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but hey, good and delicious food always attracts more customers, doesn’t it?



I love the curry noodle so much that when I’m in Petaling Jaya, I’ll surely drop by to satisfy my craving. Both hubby and I went there on one Saturday and thankfully, there weren’t many customers then. We only waited for approximately 5-10 minutes for our food to be served. Hubby had the yee mee pork noodle while I, on the other hand, opted for the curry noodle. After placing our orders, we were given a waiting number to help the waitresses scout for us easily.

Curry Noodle: RM6.00/bowl; Taste: 8.5/10; Presentation: 7.5/10

Each serving comes along with a generous amount of ingredients which includes the succulent chicken fillets, vegetables and “taufu pok” 豆腐泡 (a type of bean curd which has been deep fried in oil until it’s light and porous in the core). You’ll be given a choice to add in cockles as well. The secret to this bowl of curry noodle lies in its gravy which is perfect in its thickness and filled with the aroma of coconut milk (santan) and curry spices. If the gravy does not give you the spicy kick, you can request for the chilli paste without extra charges. The gravy may be slightly oily, but I guess it should be fine to consume once in a while.

Yee Mee Pork Noodle: RM6.00/bowl; Taste: 8/10; Presentation: 7.5/10

The pork noodle soup on the other hand, is served with pork slices, minced pork as well as offals (if you are not its fan, you can opt not to have it). The soup is so flavourful with each sip of the broth extremely soothing to the tongue. If you want an extra porky flavour in your noodle, you can request for the crispy pork lard as additional topping. We always opt not to have it, but regardless how often we remind the waitress, she’ll still add it for us – a generous amount too, so much so that we had difficulty in separating them from the noodle.

I’m sure there are people who may think that this is not the best noodle in town. Nonetheless, to me it’s definitely the best in Petaling Jaya and you should drop by to this restaurant if you happen to be nearby.

Address: 5, Jalan Bukit 11/2, Seksyen 11, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Contact number: +603 7954 9723




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