Weekend In Hong Kong (Part 1)

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Just came back from Hong Kong last week. The last time we were there was in July 2014 where Alan and I (still dating then) stayed in Conrad Hong Kong. This time around, hubby was there for a meeting and I was just tagging along (as usual). Not so luxurious as before (with the limousine), this time we had to take the local “red” taxi. Costed us an exorbitant HK$397 (RM209) for a 30-minute ride from the airport to The Mira in Tsim Sha Tsui and with the meter, mind you. If you think that KL taxi is terrible, this ride is definitely way less pleasant. Anyway, we finally arrived at The Mira – everything was purple and the entire place was perfused with the scent of lavender. Though we got a complimentary stay, I late found out that the cheapest room was HK$1964 (RM1059) per night – wanna faint. Amazed Got ourselves checked in, freshened up and went out hunting for dinner.

Oh, before I forget…the temperature was around 14 °C, just nice for us to walk around (as opposed to the last time, being all drenched in sweat). About 400m away from our hotel, we chanced upon a local “cha chan teng”, Number 8 Restaurant (42 Cameron Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui).


Inside the “cha chan teng” at off-peak hours.


Ordered the beef ball noodle (rice vermicelli), which was served in a unique bowl. The noodle tasted like instant vermicelli noodle and the soup base wasn’t any extraordinary. However, the beef ball (ping pong ball size), which was the main attraction was tender and succulent – no comparison in Malaysia.


Price: HK$34 (RM17.90) – Rating: taste 7.5/10, service 6/10



After dinner, we took a stroll back to the hotel just before midnight and hit the sack, as hubby had a full day of meeting the next day.


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