Weekend In Hong Kong (Part 2)

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Started off the next day with breakfast at the hotel (provided for) – couldn’t remember anything that’s spectacular to share. Went out alone (hubby had a full day meeting) around noon to hunt for some snacks and I noticed a long queue in front of this supposedly very tasty egg waffle shop, Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles (178 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui). And guess what happened next? Delighted I also joined in the queue and it took 15 minutes before it reached my turn.




So many celebrities have frequented this shop.


Really look like eggs, don’t they? Only tasty and crispy when it’s eaten hot from the oven.

Price: HK$22 (RM11.50) – Rating: taste 8.5/10, service 6/10


Feeling delighted with my purchase, I kept on walking and munching on the egg waffle. As I was about to finish the last few bites, hubby informed that his meeting was going to end early Pondering. Oh oh…better save a bit for him.

As I was walking back to the hotel, somewhere along Kimberly Rd, I saw a shop selling the popular pineapple bun, which is popularly known as “Polo Bao”. Looks delicious but unfortunately, I just couldn’t swallow it after having the egg waffle. Decided to pass on that…


Met up with hubby at the hotel and gave him the remainder of the egg waffle, which appeared slightly soggy. From his looks, I could tell it wasn’t that tasty anymore Worry.

The day was still bright and we decided to take a walk in Kowloon Park, enjoying the evening breeze and hoping to see some flowers blooming in spring time. Never in our minds would we have thought of doing that in Hong Kong, of all places. But honestly, it wasn’t that bad an idea after all. It was like a mini zoo and we even saw a tree with pink blossoms that mimicked the Sakura.




This is it’s real name – not Sakura.






We walked through the western side of the park, which had a pedestrian bridge leading all the way to the China Ferry Terminal – with the chilly wind blowing at our faces.





Detoured to  H&M Tsim Sha Tsui Flagship Store (30 Canton Rd) and did what people do in Hong Kong – shopping! Seriously a great place to shop for clothes at discounted prices. Didn’t realise that time passed so quickly and the sky soon became dark (winter-spring time). Our stomachs started growling and we knew dinner time was near. Chanced upon another “cha chan teng”, Aberdeen Fishball & Noodle Restaurant (5 Humphreys Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui). After looking through the menu, we concluded this was the place we’d have our dinner.



Hubby opted for the pork ball noodle, while I took the beef ball noodle. Their tastes were simply indescribable – awesome, to say the least but worth every penny and every try.


Price: HK$36 (RM18.90) – Rating: taste 8.5/10, service 8/10


Price: HK$36 (RM18.90) – Rating: taste 9/10, service 8/10


Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 7.37.00 PM


As the night was still young after dinner, we decided to take a walk down to Victoria Harbour just to watch the skyline of Hong Kong. It was a reminiscent moment, we did that 2 years ago during the day, only this time it was at night and appeared more beautiful.



On our way back, we walked past The Peninsula (Grande Dame of the Far East). Couldn’t afford to stay here now, but hopefully one day that dream will materialise. Check on Expedia, cheapest room: HK$4795 (RM2518) per night. Good night!


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